Hauling Services In Fremont, CA

At Dirt On Wheels, our fleet of flatbeds, gravel haulers, pickup trucks, tandems, end dumps, belly dumps, live bottoms, wagons, and more, can haul anything anytime.

Our Services

From aggregate hauling to waste removal, trust in Dirt On Wheels for fast and efficient services.
We cater to the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Fremont and surrounding areas. 
Some of our hauling services include:
Excavator loading dumper truck

Gravel and Sand Supply

We provide our clients with access, shipping, and placement of gravel and sand to their job sites. We service any location in California and have access to pits close to your site.

Dump truck on a rural road in Utah, USA

Water Supply & Sewage Removal

Our fleet of water trucks provides any type of water for whatever your project requires. Furthermore, whether you’re fixing a clog, repairing a line, or removing a sewer we can help with sewage removal.

Working is going on in landfill site in Curitiba, Brazil.

Aggregate Hauling & Supply

Aggregate supply and delivery are one of our many specialties at Dirt On Wheels. We can deliver and screen the topsoil to you irrespective of the time or place. 


Construction & Landscaping

Dirt On Wheels is a year-round landscape maintenance and construction facilitator. From large-scale hydro-seeding work to new home buildings, we have the diverse equipment and knowledge to enable your project ideas.


Shipping Service

Dirt On Wheels is your best bet for shipping construction, agricultural, mining, and other heavy machinery and equipment to and from California.

Looking down on Rocks and Gravel on a Dump Truck

Site Management & Clean Outs

We help our clients with material handling and laydown yard management. We also provide property clean out services in Fremont and surrounding areas.


Get Your Project Up And Running With The Hauling Experts Of Fremont