How Much Does Age Matter In A Relationship?

These are unnecessary labels for a work partner, and they could be a major turn-off. It may feel tempting to act younger, dress differently, or change your behavior to fit in with his interests. But remember that you don’t have to do this to make the relationship work. When you are in a relationship with someone significantly younger, people will inevitably have opinions about it.


“There’s an age gap, so she must want me to be spontaneous and immature, right? Let’s get those Tito’s shots flowing, I guess it’s time to party.” Calm down, sailor. Instead of assuming what she wants and why she’s with you, talk to her about it. Sure, she might be a good decade younger than you, but that doesn’t mean that her feelings, thoughts or ideas are any less important. Never pawn something off or brush it to the side because she’s younger and therefore you don’t think it’s important.

Remember that maturity isn’t dictated by age.

Plus, all the cool kids are dating younger these days. And, we all remember the OG cougar from Sex And The City, Samantha Jones. But a woman over 50 has often shed inhibitions about their body, and what they need to achieve orgasm, that a 27-year-old may still be grappling with. That’s enjoyable for a man at any age, contributing to a sex life Sherman deems “energetic.” Yes, the dynamic brings a unique set of challenges—but it can also be pretty great, whether the goal a fling or a long-term relationship. Here’s some expert-sourced advice for a woman dating a younger man.

You May Get Pushback from Friends and Family

It might not have been wholly proven yet, but for biological reasons alone women do have, shall we say, a slight inclination to be more responsible than men the same age as them. So younger women dating older men technically makes quite a lot of sense. Here’s a little background on Jory, who is about to shift the your approach to dating, and broaden your age range when looking for love. Jory has dedicated his career to counseling couples, researching relationships, and teaching about intimacy.

They Seem Preoccupied With Your Career Or Connections

If you are thinking of dating someone younger, you have to weigh in the pros and cons – whether he’s just a few years younger or you are entering cougar territory. Of course, no one says you can’t go younger than this, but a bigger gap will probably also be a lot more noticeable. For example, if you struggle with your confidence, dating someone younger could make you feel even more insecure. Finding things in common will help you see your younger boyfriend as more of an equal.

A lot worth people can see these traits and relate them to being immature. For example where the younger guy might not have a problem staying out late before they have good get up at 6 a. If you see yourself as beautiful and you stay pro-active mom feeling beautiful, then you can be beautiful at any age.

Learn from other people’s experiences and decide if you want to take the plunge. It is important to note that there are no hard and fast rules about how much older or younger your partner should be. Anyone who tells you otherwise either has an agenda or is clueless.

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As parents, you feel your child is too young to be dating. You know her well enough to know that she’s not mature enough to make such commitments. But from the adolescent’s point of view, her parents are being irrationally strict by disapproving of her relationship. And the child rebels, going behind her parents’ back so she can carry on with her boyfriend. This situation can certainly ruin a parent-child relationship, unless compromises are made.

This is a great opportunity for both of you to discover a bunch of “new-to-you” bands. As an added bonus, a lot of women find that their sex drives actually get significantly higher after age 35. If you find physical activities that you can both enjoy, that’s great!

Depending on your relationship needs, sexual desires, and realistic expectations for relationships in your 30s, 40s, and beyond, dating a younger man can either be an ideal choice or not the best fit. Age is just a number, and you two are in an equal partnership together. You may have had more life experience at this point, but you still need to work together to make decisions and create future plans. It’s fine to take the lead on some things, but if you overpower her in the relationship constantly, issues could happen over time.