Girl Code: The Unwritten Rules Of Female Friendships

Even if a guy knows your friend’s whereabouts, it is always best not to disclose it to his wife or girlfriend. After all, the friend trusts his fellow brother, which is why he confided his location to him. The response by the friend to the woman(en) calling is “I have no clue”.


For a girl, you are required to wait 10 minutes for every point of hotness she scores on the classic scale. Bitching about the brand of free beverages in your buddy’s refrigerator is forbidden. But gripe at the if the temperature never not suitable. A friend must be permitted to borrow anything you own – grill, car, firstborn child – within 12 hr notice.

This might come as a shock to some of you, but the basis of guy friendships isn’t about boasting how many girls you’ve slept with. Sure, it’s probably an impressive number, but no one cares and you look like an asshole. You don’t need to shoot off your ego when talking to your guy friends. Understand where their line is and don’t pass that line.

Step 2: Develop a Relationship With The Family.

Take it from a guy who has been in this tight spot a time or two—there are three things you must do before moving forward with your friend’s ex. Guys and gals get to know their friends’ significant others in nonthreatening, no-pressure contexts and learn to appreciate what their friend liked about them. They likely have things in common and, even after the breakup, still share many of the same friends, and we’re all looking for love, right? This sort of stuff happens more than you might think. Your friend and your future partner aren’t the only ones that will need your time.

The hard truth about losing a loved one, and the hope that comes along with it.

Life on earth is only a snippet of the time that we will be in heaven. She was only 53 years old, and I just wasn’t ready. I know the truth is that you’re never ready, but with this one I can genuinely say that I was not ready physically, emotionally or spiritually. Physically I was exhausted; the newness of college as well as everything that came along with that wore me out. I had just figured out what I wanted to do in life, and I was trying to understand what that meant for me. I was making a bunch of new friends and wondering about the impact that they would all make on my life.

The remaining two relationships should always be separate, so don’t involve your friend in your new relationship by comparing the two of you. If not, don’t risk your friendship and save yourself from possible heartbreak. On the other hand, if you really like this person and think that they can make you happy, talk to your friend, and get their approval or accept losing them. Then again, you have to ask yourself how much your friend means to you, and how much their ex means to you too.

If you dumped her, dating her friends is off-limits. If she dumped you, dating her friends is allowable, but proceed with caution. The second you get the call from a friend, announcing her break-up, drop everything and go see her. Spend the night at her place, or invite her over to yours.

If you want to keep your friend, it’s important that your communication stays honest, open, and calm. Dating your friend’s ex means risking your friendship regardless of all other factors, and you must be aware of that. You should also think about how other friends are going to react because this might affect your entire social circle. Guys become extra careful when there are girls around. Being a good wingman is all about having your buddy’s back, helping him out, knowing when to walk over, and being the little push your friend wants.

Maybe this means giving a pep talk on the phone, maybe this means approving outfit choices on Skype, maybe it means meeting up at a bar for a confidence-inducing tequila shot. But basically, her dates should be met with as much enthusiasm (and in some cases, patience) as with your own dates. If ever you thought guys can’t handle complex situations, the “wingman” proves them wrong. The wingman’s job is to accompany his friend in a bar or other social setting, so that the guy does not appear alone when on the prowl. Women respond much better to a guy with a friend than a guy all alone.

It seemed as though they were all falling like dominos. I’d like to say with each one it got easier, but it didn’t. They were all hard in their own way, but the one that shook me the most spiritually was my great-aunt in January of 2015.

In fact, you’re both probably the topic of a lot of discussion when you’re not around. And I mean A LOT. Like, it becomes around half of what your other friends are talking FuckSwipe banned about. Your friend has been going out with this other person for a while, but you’re also interested. When they finally break up, you want to take advantage of that.