Did Taemin And Naeun Dating In Real Life

Taemin agency that i thought which is doesn’t give permission to him to make it public and will protect him from media . Anyway @hanahrmI really interested in your analysis. If you don’t mind can you please continue pretty please. I always love to read other theories and stories about them.

SM Entertainment anuncia ação legal contra falsos rumores sobre Sehun do EXO

She’s like the noona for Taemin and close to Taemin too. Yup i think same with you when i watched it. Taem is also more careful to interact with female idols, which are literally he doesnt know before in music shows/music awards/collabortion with other female idols. He just so comfortable only with his dancers, thats why many people supspect his gf is his dancer… Nichkhun – a member of 2PM and Victoria of f is one of the “virtual couples” with a natural “chemistry” and is loved by many people to form the legendary “Khuntoria” couple. After more than 10 years, the two have changed a lot.

Ex-HYBE Trainee, MAJORS Suzy’s Brother, Former Fencer Shine in MBC’s ‘Fantasy Boys’

People born in the Year of the Dog are loyal and can keep a secret. They are not afraid of the hardships in life, but they also tend to worry too much sometimes. SHINee‘s Taemin usually kept mum about his dating life and some even believed that he’s never before dated in his life!

Taemin says that he’s good at expressing himself to her because she is a happy person, declaring that he is really going to express himself a lot to her, more than to anyone else. Taemin tells Naeun that with her he wants to be more honest. Taemin also brought some DVDs to the house. Taemin opens his suitcase and reveals lots of fruit and strawberry milk.

They look like a real couple because they look mature. Woonyoung and Se-Young are already a married couple. Even though the couple lives in different SexFinder countries, Taecyeon and Emma keep on communicating. In 2016, when Taecyeon released a new song, Emma gave full support to Taecyeon.

I mean everything they’re doing has been done by other couples before. Naeun, in her interview, says that she is surprised that Taemin is not always so honest with people. And she realizes that with Taemin she is also the happy person that he sees.

Taemin lets Naeun keep any of the old photos that she wants, and she picks the one of him making a peace sign. The panel notes the significance of allowing a girl to keep an old photo. Taemin next shows off his baby photos, which are soul-crushingly adorable. One shows Taemin making a little peace sign, another is him as a dissatisfied baby, and another is deemed 19+ due to showing Taemin’s bare baby torso. Naeun says that he should show her the 19+ photo anyway because she’s 20 and he was just a baby when the photo was taken.

He offers to make her a pillow out of his feet. In the interview Taemin reflects on the moment and says that he made the joke because that’s what he does when he gets embarrassed. He also says that he didn’t want for them to get awkward. Honestly, given the expectations of a lot of fans, Taemin, you two are doing a great job of keeping things far from awkward.

Fans Reaction’s about the YongSeo Couple#

He revealed his dating history whenRadio Starhosts asked if he was really a “motae-solo” . Naeun asks if Taemin likes sad movies and he responds that he doesn’t cry much. Upon being asked why, Taemin discloses that he doesn’t think he’s cried since he debuted, and he’s the member who cries the least in SHINee.

Why do I have this feeling that this is the thing that Taemin is so confident about. He said “Naeun is the broadcast representative” and today Naeun officially announce her special feelings for Taemin. He even was asked in a radio program if he did to travel who would he choose, KOREAN, Guy and.. I forgot the other one and he chose Na Taemin. ULZZANG is known for being direct with his words.

As of writing, there is over 10 pages of complaints on the message boards regarding the video in question. Taemin and Son Naeun’s last date as a couple will be broadcast on “We Got Married 4” on January 4th. When the movie was over, the reality of their farewell hit the two people. They couldn’t easily get up and walk away from the scene. After more than 10 years, “We got married” has become a piece of the young generation’s memories for a while.

The couple arrives at the We Got Married village, where all the couples have houses. I’m Korean too I regularly check on their fancam. Remember at the first meeting when Taemin ask Naeun if she dated someone before? Naeun did she never been in a relationship before instead she once have a crush on someone but she’s too afraid to show her feelings so the guy never knew how she feels. Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and Jung Hyungdon were one of the first couples onWe Got Married, lovingly known as the “pudding jelly couple”. Unfortunately, in the middle of filming it came to light that Jung Hyungdon was dating Han Yura, whom he is now married to.